New Residential Work

If you want to make sure your new house is the most efficient it can be without adding thousand to the build cost, we can help. Our D&C package for new houses is a collaborative effort with the design and build teams. During the project we ensure both designer and builder understand how to build and deliver a more energy efficient house so you as the owner get a more comfortable house that requires less to energy to heat and cool, saving you money.

We test twice. The first test is at lock up to check on the progression on the quality of work and to pinpoint any items that need more work so they do not become expensive problems at the end of the project. The second test is when the project is completed and is to make sure no short cuts have been taken during the build, giving the owner peace of mind that their new house is a first rate product.

This package includes the following:

  • Consultation with design team
  • Site meeting with builder and subcontractors
  • Lock up thermal air test
  • Practical completion energy air test and certification.