Building Performance

A poor performing building will often have a high air leakage rate above a permeability 10m3/h/m2. Often this poor performance is due to the mechanical system trying to condition the space of a leaky building with unconditioned (warm) air leaking in and conditioned (cool) air leaking out. This push pull is an endless battle in energy consumption and will drastically increase the servicing costs due to an overworked system

The solution to this problem is simple: shut the door. Doors and windows are designed to be open and closed to allow for air flow when wanted. Building leakage is unwanted air flow all the time and with no mandatory requirement for any building leakage during construction, it is completely unchecked. By reducing envelope air leakage, the unwanted and unknown is reduced allowing the mechanical system to work less to condition the internal space.

Operational locations

  • NSW
  • ACT
  • QLD
  • NT
  • WA
  • SA
  • Snowy mountains