Commercial Energy Efficiency

Air tightness testing and smoke testing in commercial buildings

Commercial Air Leakage testing

Air leakage reduction saves money and increases comfort

Air leaking through window architrave and floor skirting


Save 25-40% on energy Bills

By retrofitting your home or building with simple draught sealing techniques, considerable savings can be realised.

Air Leakage with smoke testing.

Is your insulation really working?

Just 5% gaps means 50% loss
in effectiveness of your insulation

Insulation consistency

Recent Work

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Nishi Building

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Australian Air Tightness Research

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Resource Centre

Canberra Grammar School

The Canberra Grammar Resource Centre was tested for air leakage in combination ...


Australian Buildings are very leaky: more than 30% of buildings energy is often wasted

Draught sealing will not reduce indoor air quality – in fact, it may improve it.

5% gaps in insulation can degrade insulation effectiveness by up to 50%