Green Star – Air Permeability Point

Green Star design and as-built 1.1 and 1.2 submission guidelines both provide an outline to obtain up to 3 points using air permeability testing. Navigating this process can often be a challenge due to the uncertainty in construction costs and the ability to achieve these targets.
ALMA conducted the first Green Star supermarket test in Australia. Before conducting this test, we worked with the Environmental Sustainability Designer, client and builder to develop the most economical method of testing to meet the testing requirements.
The Green Star performance testing guidelines dictate a partial envelope test can be conducted for a project. With this specification a large building can be broken down to minimum of 2000m2 a of test envelope. Most buildings can be broken into equal thirds of floor area, wall area and roof area with most Green Star testing being able to be conducted on the top or bottom levels of a building.
To be able to test this section, we account for interfloor leakage and neutralise this so that we are just testing the external envelope. When interfloor leakage is removed a lower and more accurate permeability will be achieved. Using these methods can allow discussion towards additional innovation points being targeted.