About Us

Here at Air Leakage Measurement Australia (ALMA) we strive to deliver a professional service that makes a difference to the operational costs of your building by reducing the amount of energy a building uses.

We believe that Australia can be a world leader in energy efficient construction, we just need a little help. Our goal is to champion air tight construction in any form to help educate owners, consultants and builders on what we do and the benefits on building better, more air tight buildings.

Adding value through experience

We have a professionally trained construction management background, with over 10 years’ experience in the commercial building sector ranging from hands on, construction management, project management, design work and air leakage testing. We use this real-world construction experience and air leakage knowledge to assist our clients in the design (theoretical) and construction conformance (practical) of building to assist in smooth project delivery.

Existing Buildings

Upgrading existing buildings is an area we are very interested in. We often find that most building owners are shocked when they discover how much energy they are losing through air leakage. Through the use of sophisticated equipment, we can test and identify these ‘leak points’ for rectification. After these areas have been addressed, we can retest the building to ensure all issues have been rectified giving confidence the works have been completed.

Imagine what even a 1% saving on energy usage would save you?

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